Marlink Adds Endpoint Security to CyberGuard Portfolio

AI-powered Endpoint Security solution replaces SkyFile Antivirus with protection for onboard IT environments against cyber threats

Marlink unveiled the latest upgrade to its suite of cyber security tools, adding Endpoint Security to the CyberGuard portfolio. CyberGuard EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) is optimized for the satellite communications environment, in particular by operating in a Master/Client architecture, which permits the regular, automated distribution of signature updates locally to all connected clients – even when they do not have an internet connection.

CyberGuard EDR provides a vital function in the cyber security framework by detecting and neutralising malware on operationally-critical computers onboard. The solution is built on signature and behaviour-based malware detection powered by AI algorithms. Suspicious devices may be put in quarantine in order to safeguard other computers in the local network, thereby limiting the potential consequences of a cyber incident. 

CyberGuard EDR will succeed Marlink’s SkyFile Anti Virus solution, which will be retired on 1 July 2023, after almost 15 years of service.

Vessel operators can use CyberGuard EDR to implement an IT policy for all business devices onboard the ship, providing a vital component of onboard cyber hygiene. To secure onboard computers when external content is shared through removable drives, the solution’s USB device management module can be configured to force a scan upon connection or restrict USB device usage.

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