8' Cellular Antennas

Model: 567-CW, 567-CB, 897-CW, 897-CB Brand: Digital Antenna

Digital Antenna 19s dual band cellular antennas improve signals on cellular (824-894 MHz) and PCS (1850-1990 MHz) bands. They are omni-directional, transmitting and receiving signals from all directions, which provides you with 10 times the signal strength of a cell phone used by itself.

With a powerful 9dB gain and professional marine grade construction, these 8\' cellular antennas deliver high performance that will last for years. Each antenna is designed for easy connection to your cell phone or amplifier.

Customers and installers love the 500 GOLD Series 19 easy installation connector system. The gold factory-attached mini-UHF female connector with double mini-UHF male adapter makes connecting to a PowerMax!22 amplifier easy, eliminating the need to solder connectors.

Our antennas are made in the USA, assembled and tuned by hand for maximum performance.

All 8\' Dual Band Cellular Antennas Feature:

Powerful brass radiators
Soldered connections
Power directing ferrite choke bead
High gloss urethane finish
316 stainless steel ferrule
9dB gain

500 GOLD Series: 567-CW | 567-CB

Mount: Standard 1\" 1314 threaded base
Connector: Gold factory-attached mini-UHF female with double mini-UHF male adapter
Cable: 20 19 of our low-loss, tinned braid, foil shielded, UV stable RG-8X marine cable

800 Series: 897-CW | 897-CB

Mount: Stainless steel double female ferrule for mounting 1\" 1314 threaded base
Connector: Highest quality type N female
Cable: Not included 13 use our PowerMax!22 low loss antenna cable

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