AISS120 Antenna Splitter

Model: AISS120 Brand: GME

Zero loss active VHF antenna splitter

VHF radios and AIS devices operate within the same frequency band and as such can use the same VHF antenna. The AISS120 Active Antenna Splitter permits a standard marine VHF antenna to serve both the AIS device and VHF radio without any degradation of signal. Using advanced signal processing the AISS120 is the perfect solution for AIS installations on boats where additional antenna mounting space is not available. Clear Call Routing provides a key safety feature, ensuring VHF radio emergency priority and full operational performance even when power fails.

The AISS120 AIS antenna splitter is designed to work primarily with class B AIS transceivers such as the AIST120, although it will operate equally well with AIS receivers such as the AISR120.

The AISS120 is supplied with the necessary cables to connect to a VHF radio and either the AIST120 or AISR120

One of the most important safety features and fastest growth areas in marine Navigation is AIS - Automatic Identification System. This collision avoidance technology is particularly valuable to boaters who regularly travel or fish in busy waterways or near major shipping routes. Having an operating AIS transponder onboard will turn your boat into a visible radio beacon indicating your speed, course and identity to other AIS equipped vessels or base stations.

An AIS receiver will allow you to track other AIS traffic in the area and identify 18Aids to Navigation 19 (AtoN) even when not visibly by sight. You 19ll no longer be inhibited by limitations like 18inline-of-site 19 radar. Unlike radar, AIS allows you to 18see 19 other AIS equipped craft behind obstructions like islands and land masses or hidden behind another vessel, and is equally effective in fog or darkness. AIS information is displayed on dedicated AIS screens or AIS compatible Chartplotters.

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