Master Station 14 9800 Series

Model: U9800S Brand: Perko

The \"Heart\" of the Series 9800 Marine Intercom System

One each is required per system
Accommodates up to six crew members, two of whom have radio transit transmit capability (Captain, Co-Captain)
Hands-free, full-duplex, voice-activated (FOX) intercom communication
Interface for up to two mobile radios without additional equipment
Auxiliary input for external audio sources (iPod, MP3, CD, etc.), automatically mutes upon radio transmit
Split-audio capability (i.e. Radio 1 in left ear, Radio 2 in second ear)
Cell phone interface capability via U9811BS PTT adapter and cell phone cable
Compatible with most VHR, UHF and marine band radios
Remote PTT connection for Captain, Co-Captain, with captain priority option
Water-tight, IP67 rated, corrosion-resistant enclosures and connectors
Power requirements: 11 to 30VDC
Dimensions: 7-5/8\"L x 6-5/8\"W x 3-1/4\"D

Product Specifications –

  • : Power Requirements 11 to 30VCD, System User Imputs - 6, Radio Imputs- 2

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